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Ataro Food and Spices – Bringing the famous flavours of West Africa to Europe and the World

Ataro Global Food Services B.V is a Netherlands Food Services Company that packages and distributes custom mixed spices and cooking sauces used in the preparation of West African inspired dishes.

Our ingredients are fresh and wholesome using all-natural farm products and packaged under strict hygienic conditions ensuring your safety. Our spices are rich in anti-oxidants and are 100% whole ground spices with no additives or added colouring. Our Nigerian and West African food products are prepared to offer you the all the benefits of West African food, most especially the wonderfully flavorful deliciousness of our tasty and varied cuisine.

Most people outside of West Africa have no experience of our extraordinary food. Ataro Food & Spices is introducing West African delicious taste to The Netherlands, Europe and the world through our food products which include spices, sauces, ‘do it yourself’ fresh pack, and the famous Jollof rice all in one pack.

Our products include:

Ataro Food and Spices – Bringing the famous flavours of West Africa to Europe and the World

The spectacular cuisines of West Africa are among the world’s best-loved and most exciting. This long culinary tradition creates some of the richest flavours and most magical aromas found anywhere on Earth.

West African families have grown their own ingredients for thousands of years. This ultra fresh flavour that only a home garden can provide informs the wholesome, natural, healthy taste of this marvellous cuisine.

Here at Ataro we carefully capture the most important dishes and flavours of West Africa. Our Spice Mixes, Sauces, and Meal Packs make it quick and easy to prepare and enjoy genuine West African foods. Your meals will suddenly take on a flavour revolution that excites and energizes the entire family.

All Ataro ingredients are grown and harvested fresh on farms. This is the only way to accurately capture the intense freshness of genuine West African food.

Until Ataro began offering our famous brand of mixes, soups, and meal packs, most Europeans and others were unfamiliar with these delicious dishes. We are proud to have introduced this superb food tradition to countless thousands of people all over the world.

Our Do It Yourself Fresh Packs are a great way to start. Simply mix with basic ingredients from your local shop, cook, and serve. It’s the fast and easy way to enjoy West Africa’s amazingly rich flavors and unmistakable aromas.

Please browse our site and choose the stews, soups, and more that appeal to you and your family. Please know everything we sell is produced and packed under the very highest safety standards. There simply is no better way to enjoy West African food than to invite Ataro Food and Spices Products into your home.

Time and Work Saving Meal Packages

This is the quick and easy way to prepare a delicious West African meal in a fraction of the usual time needed. Try our customer favourite Jollof Rice Dish. We have included famous spices from 5 West African countries. Combine with local vegetables for an explosion of flavour and wholesome nutrition.

Our Famous Spice Mixes

Here you get the renowned West African spice blends that turn any dish into a festival of flavour. Using our West African Seasoning Mix as a hearty example, you see the remarkable blend of wholesome ingredients that go into every mix. Tasty ingredients like curry blend, paprika, rosemary, onions, nutmeg and much more.

Delicious Sauces

West Africa is known for its amazing stews and other sauces. As any well-trained chef knows, a great sauce can turn a dish into the best you’ve ever enjoyed. The Cooking Stew is delightfully fresh and spicy. It’s famous flavour comes from such varied ingredients as fresh habannero pepper, onions, salt, crayfish and bullion.

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